Thursday, March 6, 2014

But I Get First Player by Jamilet Ochoa

But I Get First Player

By Jamilet Ochoa

She stepped closer, crossing her arms, challenging him to do something. The air felt thick, television shouting for attention, but that was the last thing anyone cared about in that moment. The living room was empty; they were the only ones in there.

"Look, you have to show more respect. You don't speak to me like that. I'm your older sister!" The voice was strong, both feet planted on the ground, eyes shining as if staring a building burning in flames.

He began to move closer, feeling no fear towards her. "Like if I care what you think, you're not my mom. I don't have to respect you." She wouldn't do anything, he thought. She has no authority over me.

This whole nonsense wouldn't have occurred, he thought, if the events of that morning had taken a different turn.

A sense of regret took over his body.

That morning, the sun had been shining through the window curtains and the heat covered the house like a thick furry blanket on a long summer day.

"Hey, hurry up, my dad wants to leave already!"

He had sat there, slouching, eyes glued to the computer screen, letting her words pass over him like the insignificant buzz of a fly.

"Okay dudeee,” she had said, dragging her words, “ignore me."

"I freaken heard you.”

He couldn't help but notice that her voice sounded even more annoying than usual. It was as if she had been yelling though she was speaking at a normal volume, but in an irritated tone that would have driven anyone insane.

“Man all you do is boss me around,” he had said, “you're so annoying."

"I'm only saying this so we can get to school on time, plus that's my laptop. I could easily take that away from you, so shut up."

"Here, take it,” He had thrown the laptop on the couch as soon as he stood. “I don't care." Then, as he had approached her, he purposely bumped into her on his way past and had not looked back.

It was a morning he wished had never occurred… Now her eyes were filled with anger, more than that morning.  

She swung her arm back to gain strength.

He couldn't believe what was about to happen...

Her fist met his face.

It all happened so quickly, with no time for him to react.

"What the hell?” he shouted, his temper rushing in full speed. “You can't hit me, I'll hit you back!"

"Do it,” she said, a confident, mocking grin spreading across her face. “I dare you."

With clenched fists, he held a grip on the present, releasing the past.

A sigh gently left his mouth.

“You know what… whatever,” he said, “You always get mad about the dumbest things. I don't even care anymore.”

She relaxed her body as well, no longer standing up as straight as a soldier ready to fight.

They stood there facing each other uneasily.

She looked like she was about to say something, but then stopped herself.

Another awkward moment passed.

“I'm so boooooored," he finally said, dropping down onto the couch dramatically.

"Hey dude,” she said, joining him there, “let's play guitar hero?”

"Yeah, but I get to be first player."  

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