Thursday, March 6, 2014

Take Me by Yessica Prieto

Take Me

by Yessica Prieto

"I want to go too!" said Arianna as she looked at her sister with longing eyes. "Take me. My dad said that you have to take me."

“I don’t care what he said.”

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessica!” screeched Arianna in a loud pleading voice that echoed in Yessica's ear. She knew her older sister abhorred the sound of her name being stretched out syllable by syllable. As she thought about doing it again, she recalled the last time she had taunted her older sister with her voice. It had not gone well for her at all. Yessica had thrown a shoe at her and locked herself away in her room, ignoring her all day, which bored Arianna to death for she had no one else to argue or play with.

“Arianna! Please! Leave me alone!” she said as calmly as she could possibly manage, although her face looked like a map route, very hard to read. Her younger sister’s annoyance was getting to her. Yessica would pick something up from her pile of mess on the bed and throw it, to once again pick it up a second later.

“He said you had to.”

As usual, Yessica continued to ignore her constant pleas to go along.

“So, are you taking me?" she demanded, with one hand on her tiny waist and her lips curled in a sassy gesture.

"Arianna, stop already," Yessica yelled as she walked about her room like a blind person. Her room was in such a disorder, clothes laying everywhere, except where they belonged. "Where in the heck is my..." she muttered more to herself than anyone else. She kept grabbing at clothes, purses, and granola bars scattered throughout her room. Her cheeks were a bright pink and full of frustration.

"Take me!"


"Take me!"

"Ya callense!" yelled their father, from the room next door, already annoyed with the constant arguing.

They both looked at each other with sympathetic eyes, for they knew fully well that if they did not stop the argument, there would be consequences. As Yessica continued to look about her room with wondering eyes, Arianna slipped out and went to her room. Within seconds she was back with shoes and a coat in hand. "Take me with you. I am ready already." she said, sitting on the edge of the bed as she tied her shoes on. "See, I am ready!"

"No, Arianna," she groaned, rolling her eyes and sighing heavily. "Just stop," she added, as she threw her hands in the air and brought them back down to her sides, making fists. "You cannot go."

“But I want to go!”

“Too bad!”

“Take me. Take me,” persisted Arianna as the shoe she had been holding in her right hand slipped out. She thought about the last time she had given Yessica her shoe to untie. Yessica had been really annoyed at her. Arianna had handed her the shoe, but instead of untying the knot on the shoe, Yessica had thrown the shoe at her. It had gone flying past her face, and frozen body, and hit the closet door.

Now, the only sound that was audible was Arianna’s heart as she braced herself for what was to be thrown at her this time. Arianna looked at the place where the shoe had fallen, lifeless, on the floor. Arianna quickly picked up her shoe before Yessica could get it and throw it at her like last time.

"Are you taking me?" asked Arianna with what she believed was such a sad face, that Yessica would have to fall for it.

"No, I am not."

"Fine then," Arianna sighed as she left the room before anything might fly at her this time. In her room, she turned on the television, hoping there was more entertainment in watching cartoons than vexing her older sister.

After a while, Arianna, alone and abandoned, shut off her television and quietly returned to her sister’s room, expecting to find it empty; but no, there was Yessica, fast asleep where she had thrown herself among the clutter and mess of her bed.

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