Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just Like Always by Angelique Gomez

Just Like Always

By Angelique Gomez

            It was three minutes after 7 o'clock and Luis was running late to get to Maria's house. He knew he would have to walk a little faster once Angelique sent him the text, "We're leaving!"

            He saw them start to pull out of the drive way and jogged a little to get to the car. As Luis opened the car door and he was getting into the car, Angelique, instead of scooting over to the next seat, made space for him to get in by slightly turning her body sideways. She had her books placed on her lap while holding a slice of toast and a coffee mug in her hand. Luis squeezed through the little space that she gave him to get in the car and sat down when she suddenly yelled, "What the heck, Luis!"

            "What?" he said, confused.

She took the napkin she had and started to wipe off what looked like coffee on her hands and pants. "You spilled coffee all over me!" she exclaimed.

Luis knew that she had over exaggerated because there was barely even anything on her.

            "I didn't even do that!" he lashed back.

She gave him this sneering look as if he was the one to blame. Luis thought, if she had just scooted over none of that would have happened. Angelique continued to wipe the coffee where it had "spilled" in an aggressive manner so that he could notice that she was mad. He ignored her, pretending to be on his phone, annoyed by the fact that she blamed him for her mistake.

            There was an awkward silence, when suddenly Maria said, "Hi Luis," turning around from the front seat to face him. Luis knew that Maria only said hi in that sarcastic tone to break the tension and be annoying, so he pretended to not hear her. "Hi Luis!" repeated Maria, louder so that she could make sure Luis had heard her.

            "I said hi," exclaimed Luis.

            Angelique could not help butting in to say, "No you didn't!"

Luis was annoyed by the fact that Angelique would even include herself in something that did not concern her, but he could not help but respond, "I did say hi, maybe you just didn't hear."

Angelique ignored his comment continuing to eat her breakfast and drink what was left of her coffee.

            The ride was finally over, and all three of them got off the car in a rush to get to class on time since they were already running late. They all usually walked together until they parted to go their separate ways to class, but that morning Luis found it best if he just walked a little faster than the girls so that he would not feel any more uncomfortable then he already did.

When first period had finally ended, Luis couldn’t wait to get to his favorite class, so he speed-walked to Mr. Hoy’s room. He said hello to Mr. Hoy and took his seat, trying to look busy with his phone and waiting for Angelique to walk in.

 Finally, he saw her come through the door and make her way toward her table on the other side of the room. He tried not to look up, but when he did, she smiled at him.

Luis turned around in his seat so that he could face where Angelique was sitting. “Hey,” he asked, “did you do you trigonometry homework?"

            "Yeah, why?" answered Angelique.

            "Oh no, just. I did too" said Luis, and turned back around when Mr. Hoy initiated that class was starting.

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