Thursday, March 6, 2014

What Is Going On? by Crystal Diaz

What Is Going On?

By Crystal Diaz

The Saturday morning was just perfect. The sun was out, but it was not too hot or cold; it was just pleasant. Alyssa arrived at her parent’s home that morning bright and early with her baby, Samuel. Samuel was asleep like an angel in his baby carriage. He was so warm, stuffed with so many blankets, she worried he might be uncomfortable. 

"Ding dong, ding dong," the doorbell rang, but nobody answered.

The house was dark and in silence. The family, still asleep at 7:30 am, did not hear a sound. The phone rang, but no one answered. Alyssa became frustrated, clinching her teeth. She peaked through the windows, and yet, no reflection or sound.

"Where could they be so early?" she asked herself.

She grabbed her phone and decided to text her sister Natalia. Lately, Natalia had been very rude to her and Alyssa was not sure if she would reply.

"Hey open the door I'm outside."

Five minutes passed and no answer.

"Hello Answer me!!!???"

She knocked again and this time even harder. She heard something and kept knocking. The door opened slightly and it was her mother in a robe.

"Que paso, porque llegaste tan temprano?" What happened why did you arrive so early?

"I have been waiting here for ten minutes!"

"Pues estabamos dormidos." Well, we were asleep.

The house felt warm and the smell of silence was in the air. Alyssa set the baby carriage on the sofa while she was lying on the other far end. She turned on the television and was watching a show. Natalia, her younger sister, then arrived, half asleep, rubbing her eyes with her hands. "Good morning," she said.

"Seems like somebody woke up in a good mood today," said Alyssa.

"Do not start, please. I really do not want to argue with you!"

"Ha, ha, ha," Alyssa whispered to herself.

The two sisters looked at each other with fury in their eyes. Natalia sat down in the sofa to watch the television. Alyssa was lying on the other side of the sofa trying to fall asleep. She had not slept during the night because of Samuel. He kept her awake all through the night. Her eyes were swollen and her small eyeballs were hardly able to be seen. Samuel awoke with the noise of the blender. Their mother had begun to make breakfast and it smelled delicious. The smell of chile and beans were all over the home. He had started to cry and his tears ran down to his cheekbones and to his neck. Alyssa lay in the sofa with no reaction towards picking him up.

"Aren't you going to get him out of his carriage?"  Natalia asked.

Alyssa's phone started to ring that instant and Alyssa hurriedly ran towards her bag, scattering its contents to look for her phone.

"Your baby is crying!"

"I am looking for my phone. He does not have nothing."

Natalia ran towards the carriage and picked up her nephew, "Aww my poor baby."

Alyssa with the corner of her eye saw her sister cuddling and making Samuel laugh. She had always loved babies and with the welcoming of Samuel to the family, Natalia had been very glad. Alyssa finally found her phone which was in the bottom of her purse, but it was too late she had missed the call.

"Oh man, I missed the call. It was Thomas."

"He is working. He shouldn't be calling you."

"He might have had an emergency, you never know, and why do you even care?"

"I do not care, I am just saying."

"You are always trying to act like the smartest one."

Natalia looked like she wanted to say something, but then stopped herself and looked away.

"Why do you stay quiet, huh?"

"Leave me alone, please."

"Give me Samuel!"

"Oh, so now you want him."

"Yes, he is my son."

"Well you preferred answering your phone than grabbing him."

"It was an emergency!"

"Girls,” said their mother from the kitchen, “please stop arguing."

The two sisters looked like they were about to hit each other. The tension had risen between them and they were each aware of each other’s movements, eyeballing one another from the corners of their eyes. I have to get her in the right moment, thought Alyssa.

"She is so rude. I cannot stand her any longer,” Alyssa said. “I would just prefer to leave, but then, I do not want to."

Natalia had put the baby to sleep, lay him in his bouncer, and was now sitting on the sofa concentrating on the show.

Alyssa reached over and hit her in her arm.

"Whoa, what was that for!" Natalia said.

"You are so rude!"

Natalia laid the punch on Alyssa's arm as well and the fight began.

"Girls, please stop!” their mother insisted, “You are acting like nine year olds."

"Well she started it," Alyssa said.

"Stop! I am going to call your father, right now!"

The tension remained in the room, but the girls stopped fighting.

Natalia got up to wash the dishes.

Alyssa continued to lie on the sofa in front of the television, thinking about the situation that had just occurred.  

"I do not understand what is going on with you girls," said their mother. "I am going to have to consult with your father and he will have a serious talk with both of you."

The hours passed and the girls did not even look at each other.

Mother had called their father and he was on his way home from work.

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